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As im writing this while shoving a cookie in my mouth.

Im sick of looking at myself and saying i need to lose weight. I just want to be happy with my size and my body figure. Im alittle 5'6" since ive grown recently and i weight around 132. That is a huge number and it's making me crumble inside. I didnt realize how big i have gotten in the last few months. I hate looking in the mirror now, it just makes me look like a failure. I need to lose weight for myself as soon as possible but my resistance to food is terrible. Im going to slowly decrease my intake alittle each day and hopefully in the end its nearly nothing.
Increasing my intake of coffee, tea, and cigarettes sounds like a fine plan to me as well.

farewell, and sweet dreams.

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What experience has changed you for the better (or worse)?
When i lost someone important to me it made me look at the world in a different perspective. And when my dearest mom was nearly about to leave i realized what was important to me in life and all that good stuff. so now i just appreciate things more!
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I'm caught in the forecast of the dead sun.  My veins are dry and so pale. My skin is like the sand bleached with sadness. Oh, when will the weather return to its highest.

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cold cold
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